Baking Cookies

This blog post takes a bit of a look at the baking cookie favours mindset we sub consciously take on board from others.

Have you been put off baking cookies when you’ve read lots of FB posts from the cookie creating Industry and you’ve walked away thinking:

  • “Cookies sound way too difficult to make”
  • “There is no way I can make these”
  • “I can’t compete with these high expectations”
  • “Cookie baking is so stressful”
  • ” What if i can’t make cookies, what if I fail?”

I aim to change your baking cookie favours mindset.

The negative thoughts and mindset of others in their comments, can subconsciously influence the decisions you make to continue, or not continue, with creating beautiful cookies.

Lets look at what makes a perfect cookie favour for your special day.

The only two things you should be focussing on when you plan to create unique and personalised cookies for your event are:

1. You Made it with Love

The cookies you make are made with love and will reflect this. Share your love straight to your guests tummies.

Your guests will appreciate the skills you learnt with the baking, creating, wrapping & presentation of the cookies.

2. You have created the personalise cookies

Family and friends love receiving homemade gifts, especially when the host has made the cookies with gifting to them in mind.

Congratulate yourself for baking and decorating your cookies, you’ve taken the step & deserve it !!

Cookie baking IS enjoyable & fun.

Just remember – All cookie makers started somewhere, they’ve all had disaster days, blunder cookies or mishaps along their journey.

Sometimes negative thoughts can pop into our heads when we’ve been focusing on an item too long. Often walking away for a bit lets the brain regroup and see the issue with a new lease of light. Make a cuppa and reward yourself for what you have achieved so far.

Try not to be be to hard on yourself if you don’t first succeed, go with the flow and try again.

Find the positive in those negative comments

Lets look at some of the wording I see about cookie baking and the reality of these statements. Keep reality in check so you don’t get caught up in unrealistic expectations

STOP, CATCH the comments & CORRECT these thoughts:

1. The edges aren’t 100% straight

When you move a cutter from the cookie dough or lift a cookie onto a baking tray, some movement may occur.

Unless you’re really clever and can perform the laser dance as accurately as Vincent Cassel in Oceans 12 to avoid triggering off the alarms, you’ll be bending over backwards with OCD to avoid some deviation from perfect edges.

How to resolve:

  1. Cut and transfer cookies carefully to reduce changing the shape of the cookie dough cutout.
  2. Some cookiers roll and cut straight onto the parchment paper, then remove the excess dough.
  3. You can finely grate the edges after cooking if you really feel the need.

2. The icing is not EXACTLY the same size as the cookie

It’s a mm out & my cookie has spread – OMG seriously, do you think your guests are going to sit at your wedding with a tape measure checking the edges?

They are going to be appreciative that you’ve taken the time and effort to create the cookies for them & will devour them with glee.

Don’t over think it, they will look great. Yes, a cookie can change in shape and size as it cooks – That’s the chemistry of baking for you. If you feel comfortable, tinker with the recipe a little.

Factors that can cause this common complaint. There can be a number of things that influence the spread of the cookie.

  • the coldness or over warming of the butter
  • the brand of butter used
  • the raising agent in the recipe
  • the local atmospheric environment / temperature

How to resolve:

  • Ensure you have your ingredients at room temperature and not melted
  • Place your cut out cookies on the parchment paper & tray, into the freezer or fridge for 30 mins before baking to reset the butter.
  • Remember, you have a solid cookie that you are adding a flexible soft fondant to. Like with the unbaked cookie dough above, be careful when you are cutting, picking up and moving the fondant piece to the cookie.

3. My cookies don’t look perfect

 Why would you want your cookies to look like they came out of a factory. I understand that you want your cookies to look special and very specky, that goes without saying. I’d rather my guests know that I made them and not some robot in a factory. 

Handmade items should be unique and personalised to reflect who you are and gift a little of your soul.

Keep a positive mind and work towards your end goal to make beautiful cookies. Change your Baking Cookie Favours Mindset today and get started creating.


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