This is so exciting!!  I didn’t think that I would get this far this year to launch.

I hope you don’t mind me spending some time recapping on my journey creating Garter Blue for you.

Where did the idea for Garter Blue come from?


I would often sit at lunch time with my work colleagues and the topic of “What is? and “How do I?” comes up. They are always wanting to learn more about the finer things of baking and creating & why do we use certain products and how do they work. So this got me thinking about how over the years I have observed the basics of baking and crafting are becoming lost in the era of a “buy it all / throw away” society.

I learnt a lot of wonderful life long skills from my grandmother & mother, which I have put to good use over the years. We would make jams, cakes, biscuits, bread & create Christmas & birthday gifts, wedding & party decorations & favours. Growing up I use to assist my mum with catering for weddings & parties, everything would be made from the sausage rolls to pavlovas & cheesecakes & more. Then we would wait on the tables during the events.

My goal is to teach anyone who would like to learn how to be resourceful to bake & create for every occasion. Bringing back basic skills by teaching you everything you need to know from scratch plus some sneaky hacks / short cuts along the way for if you don’t have time to create something from scratch. I’m all for making life as easy and simple as possible along the way.

I hope you find making your own personalised favours, gifts & food items gives you an amazing sense of achievement and bragging rights with your family & friends. Show off to them what you have achieved with the skills you have learnt along the way.

The journey of Garter Blue

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE – awesome words to live by


I have had an interesting time developing this website, days have been up and down along the way, just when I thought I was winning, another road block would present itself. I tried to stay focussed on the end product but had to completely change from my original concept to what you see today as Garter Blue. Without the support from my loved ones & friends, I’m not sure I would be at the same stage that I am now. I also found an amazing group of web developers, food bloggers on social media & online that I could source information from plus a constant dose of cramming on some amazing podcasts during my daily commute helped me stay on track & reinforce that what I was doing was in the right direction

Wedding Budget planner

Food for the soul that I decided to focus on:

Chip away at it a little each day and you will get to your end goal:

So I made a list of everything that I needed to do, gave it a priority number, then every night I would choose one item to work on. You know what!? This works…. I stopped sabotaging myself & I often ended up being ahead of schedule.

I teach pacing everyday at work to our patients, but I wasn’t applying it to myself in this instance.

Not be so hard on myself:

OMG this has been hard to deal with but so truthful. I was beating myself up for not achieving completion when I wanted to. To be fair on myself it was a difficult time, when I was getting so many roadblocks from external providers & lack of proper website support.

I needed to give myself credit as I learnt how to do it all from shooting & editing videos & photos, SEO, writing copy, researching, baking, creating, marketing, social media creation & posting.

Ask when I needed help:

Stewing on it for hours/days wasn’t going to achieve anything.

This is normal. Don’t loose faith in what you know:

I kept thinking that I was going about this the wrong way. I have operated a number of businesses in the past but not online or as a website. The skill set is slightly different than setting up stock on shelves in a shop & offering great personal customer service as a customer walks through the door. I needed to remind myself that it is essentially the same, just on a different platform. I have also been able pull on my Diploma of Business Administration & Food Safety Supervisor Certificate on more than one occasion.

Just launch- the rest will come:

I initially was trying to get everything to the end stage before launch. This was such a daunting and consuming way to think and totally not achievable. So I took some advice to get my first course up and ready to go and then develop and upload the remainder of the content as I go – the best advice I could ever receive! The procrastination stopped as the mountain was now achievable and not so daunting in front of me.

I hope I can help others when they decide to jump onto the website business model to create their dream in the future.

Garter Blue Logo


Garter Blue words logo

I meet an amazing lady named Caroline from KI Creative at a workshop I attended a few years ago and recalled that she developed logos & branding, so I knew exactly who I wanted to develop the logo for Garter Blue. We met up again over coffee and the Garter Blue logo was developed. I love the deco look of the Icon and the cleanest of the font used, it imparts my vision for Garter Blue to bring back the basics of baking & creating at the same time being clear and concise in my methods in the modern world.

Now to the Launch of Garter Blue’s first course


Learn how to Bake with my Fondant Covered Cookie course

Find out more HERE

I hope you find the Garter Blue format is appealing & an educational platform that you can use to create anything you desire for your wedding or party.

You will find that the launch format will be a little empty of content at the moment but I have lots of ideas, videos, educational worksheets, recipes & more to add in the near future. Sign up to receive news of courses and content as it becomes available.

I hope that you will purchase and enjoy my first signature BAKE course, the “Fondant Covered Cookies course” where I show you how to bake and decorate cookies from scratch to final product for favours, gifts & inspirational cookies.


This is Me!


Thank you for dropping by to say hi and learning about the Garter Blue story.

Take a look around my new website and let me know what you would like to learn. I look forward to working with you and seeing all your amazing creations and events.

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Cheers for now 



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